Tiger Woods:

Reading Tiger's mind is tough. But, I think speculating about how his failed marriage and sexual promiscuity help/hinder his golf game has a lot of explanatory power.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Feeling Sorry For Tiger Woods

My attitude towards this subject has entirely changed. I am no longer feeling like Tiger is someone kissed by the God's who will come around and everything will suddenly be alright. I'm starting to feel sorry for Tiger woods. I recently read an article that basically is as good as anything out there at summing the difficulties up. Here's that link.

It is sad reading it... It makes me remember the old Tiger and how exciting it was when he did those absurdly good things that you only see in movies. I want him to get his mojo back already.

I would like you all to read this little bit that I pulled from the above link:

"There was a time when it was ridiculous to imagine him faltering before topping Nicklaus' career total for majors. Now, it's just as ridiculous to imagine him winning a major anymore.
In the space of a year, he went from the guy who could have been Babe Ruth to the guy who wound up being Roy Hobbs. No one could ever make a movie out of this, because it's almost too preposterous to believe, but there it is: a guy in the prime of his playing career completely lost the ability to play the game that he'd dominated since he was a child.
There is a "why" that I haven't asked, nor will I. I won't ask because its almost too easy to blame his personal failures on his golf game, even though I don't really see a connection. He was the best golfer in the world while hiding a secret that would eventually ruin his marriage and public image, and yet, while carrying all that guilt around, he was still able to stare down an evil 10-foot putt with everything on the line and utterly drain it. I want to believe that there is some other cause, something physical, because it's terrifying to me to contemplate a reality in which everything I've ever been good at is suddenly gone beyond all recall following a personal failure."

By - Van Walker.

This is interesting because he is talking about the personal failures affecting the golf game. I think my blog has postulated a major connection between his personal life and his failings on the course that has a lot of explanatory power and plausibility that  still isn't being thought about. I think that it has less to do with guilt or anything like that because, well, he'd been cheating on his spouse and all of that for a long time and still doing amazing things on the golf course. It has to do with an actual change in his temperament. He is trying to strike more of a balance where maybe he doesn't allow himself to go all Alexander the Great on they asses because he's trying to mellow himself out, to tame down. In my opinion he needs to stop letting people put his behavior in a box, he needs to live by his own moral code, to be who he is because who he is is the greatest golfer who ever lived. All of that is being threatened by this new mind set he's toying with.

Here's to Tiger getting his mojo back.


  1. Im right there with ya on getting his "mojo back"! I cant even explain how much I want to see the old tiger come back. I really agree totally with how you said he is the greatest golfer who ever lived, he just has to regain his confidence enough to actually say that to himself before every round of golf. The game of golf is as we all know such a mental game and he should know that as well, if not better, than anyone. He is still so highly talented, and I hope that he can put something together here sooner rather than later.

  2. I agree. I think that Tiger went through a lot and having the public know all the details made it een harder. He is the greatest golfer and once he can focus on the game again and not what everyone thinks i think we will see the old Tiger back.